this is an independent FL rp and history blog. not related to Hetalia what's so ever but not hesitant to rp with Hetalia oc's/Characters.

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citruscitybro said: ((I guess I'm riffing off something you already said, but I adore how Floren is the side of Florida that isn't the common view of it/the stereotype/the media portrayal. California has a similar problem with people looking at all the shiny instead of the gritty reality, and the way you handle that kind of thing with Floren is honestly inspiring to me for how to handle some of my own characters.))


Thank you though ;w; it really means a lot especially from someone who also lives in a humongo state with a similar image problem :’D ))

diademuerto8 said: Floren is that jerk with a heart of gold, from the way you portray him. I can't even hate him, you make him truthful and endearing when all is said and done. Or maybe it's that you just draw him so danged cute! I would like to hear more about Pensacola, Florala, and Tallahassee like some others have said, but you take a state with a REALLY complex history/set of histories, and pull it off better than anyone else I've ever seen! Te quiero. *Abrazo*


Yes, his character is a blunt hard headed asshole who unfortunately is a magnet for misfortunes and while, for that reason you might feel sympathy for him, his stubbornness allows him to brush it off and quickly get back up to his feet to continue being that unlucky butt monkey. He’s too stubborn and skeptical of people (and that’s the key definition for him, a plain stubborn ass.) to naturally at first impression show that he can, in fact, be a chill nice person after all.

I promise I will show off more of the panhandle XD! I have a bunch of pics on queue for y’all.))

northstarstate said: [[ No crit, just praise! Your florida is definitely my most favorite. A good portion of Florida's I've seen sort of cling to the disney/sunny aspect despite there being SO much more to it than that. I think you really capture it- the culture, influence, and interesting history. Keep up the good work :D ]]

(( while I get why people want to include the ‘Disney and sunshine’ aspect, that kinda ebbs off the authenticity of the state.

While in fact, the history of how Florida even gained that demeanor of a ‘sunshine paradise’ is both fascinating and disturbing and I’d rather—as an angry native-born of the state—portray that other side of the state. (Aka real Florida, the shithole impoverished place I was born and raised in where the stereotype is a reality for the privileged and a cruel ironic joke for the rest of us.)

I love Florida’s history a lot, it’s like reading a tragic novel where all the people you root for lose, but leave a great impact that either becomes glamorized or invisible. Also since Latin American history fell with Florida’s history it was something I could personally identify with, so it became a bit offensive and hurtful when people made florida a bland disney puppet :/

But thank you very much! I hope I could keep up in the future ;v;!!! ))

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commonwealthofpennsylvania said: ((As always I'm blown away by your overall knowledge of the state you live in. I've been like this since day one, where you grilled me on FL being accentless lol, back on DA anyway. I enjoy that you include information on cultures that people typically forget about with FL. Even if you are biased to the part you live in, I wouldn't know half these things about it. I don't have any crit to say really. And if I have something to say I'll probably remember it later on. =_= ))

(( I still remember that omg that was like the first time I got up the courage to speak to you XD

;wwwww; thank you mikapika- I do try to learn as much as I can culturally about the state since for the longest time Florida was always stereotyped as ‘cultureless’ despite that I live (and lived in many other parts of FL) in a region of the state that was anything but ‘cultureless’. from the conchs in the Keys, the cubiches in calle ocho, and the swamp folk out in the glades :u

The fact is, that Florida as a whole has so many smaller sects of historically cultural regions that as a whole they seem invisible and learning about them is really a treat ;3;

/and yes I’m super biased about the peninsula, talk to me about the panhandle and I can only ever talk to you about west Florida and the French-Spanish influence during colonial times but dassit OTL ))

Critique my Character


This goes for all my characters, I figure just give all criticism here instead of repeatedly on my other blogs. :|9 

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pequodbucks said: {Hello yes this is Kimi in the cojoint account atm and I think you're still pretty good as Florida uvu I think you should talk about Tallahassee more because I still as a citizen of this state fail to wrap my head around that city and the duties so ye uvu}


lol I’m peninsula biased, but a bit of tallanasty and friends will appear here more jus for you ;y ))



After a lot of rain here in FL these baby frogs appeared. They eerily all faced the same direction.




After a lot of rain here in FL these baby frogs appeared. They eerily all faced the same direction.



[Nods while listening closely. Highly amused about this brief history lesson from the state]

I wasn’t aware that you had such a rich linguistic history, Mr. Florida. That’s really neat, you must know a billion languages? And yes, totally agree with it being beneficial to know other languages. It helps with me when I travel abroad, I like speaking to the countries in their languages. Though it also helps at home too, since I do have people from all over living here as well. 

When I was younger, all I knew was English. Don’t think that was enough for the whites to respect me. I learned French on my own, as well as Spanish. Latin…that was because I had to take lessons in it, not particularly my favorite. Then as time went on, I kinda acquired languages here and there. Either through different people that immigrated here, or through politics.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop. [Laughs] Now isn’t that just a little bit on the cruel side, Mr. Florida?

*scratches his nose sheepishly* Is mostly romance languages though, so it’s a bit of a cheat. I know seven fluently and smaller bits of various others. French, Kreyòl, and Portuguese are the ones I use on a regular basis excluding Spanish and English. 

I tended to learn languages easily, not for the purpose of ‘appearing educated’ as some of y’all might have been. Back during the 1750’s I was still illiterate- not because I never wanted to learn, ya’ know? I didn’t have the same privileges Anglo colonies had where education was ‘bountiful’ compared to a poor spanish buffer colony like me. If I couldn’t read, I still had the ability listen and absorb a language. 

We did learn Latin ‘cause that was the language Mass would be spoken rather than the vernacular and it proved to be pretty useful for learning all those. 

*laughs along* prolly is, but there’s somethin’ peculiar about the linguistic demographic in SoFla, it’s the anglo-monolingual population that either adapts to speaking more than one language or ‘flight’ to another county away from the multilingualism in the region, going against the typical “Americanization” trope of the ‘immigrant newcomers’ becoming anglicized. 


Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

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Easter in Old Florida

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Español, English, Diné, quite a few Pueblo dialects.

ya se que ustedes al oeste speak a whole bunch of languages so no me sorprende pa’ na’ u3u

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